Screaming Mother

A new year, a new start.

So who am I… A very good question! I am a 29 year old SAHM to 2 Children who are now both at school, Wife to a Farmer and after that I am not too sure. I do know I seem to have everything out of balance and as a Mother my main worry is not getting it right for the children. I have suffered in the past from depression, I even started treatment as having a Personality Disorder but it took so long to get help that I had actually stopped feeling depressed, in fact felt stronger than I had done in a very long time and didn’t continue with any further treatment (the door has been left open to resume if I want to). I have been like the duck sailing along smoothly but underneath paddling against the current like mad, it has at times taken me under but I am floating at the moment, just. So its time to float more confidently and take a serious look at all the parts that make me to balance my life. In my quest to do this I discovered ‘Project Me’ over at and something seems to have clicked, I am no longer trying to complete the puzzle in one go, frantically changing from one area to another I am going to tackle each area at a time, Improving, reassessing and hopefully the final pieces will eventually slot in. I want to stop feeling like I am failing in life and that the grass is greener on the otherside. I want to have a good solid relationship with my children where I don’t need to be shouting all the time so the ‘Screaming Mother’ will be reduced if not completely shut out!

Thank you for reading x

This is post No.1, hopefully it will keep me on track!


One thought on “Screaming Mother

  1. Hey! I am just seeing this now! Congratulations for making your very first blog post (woo hoo!) and I’m of course thrilled that my website is inspiring you. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and your determination to take charge of your own happiness. I look forward to following your journey. x

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