Time Flies… When you are getting life sorted!

So why so long since my last blog… simple I am focusing on my first area and to give it my all finding time to write this blog was not a priority… too good to be true… yes! My arch nemesis Facebook has taken too much of my life as per usual, I run 2 community pages and am setting up my own business page. They do take up a lot of time BUT if it wasn’t this I was wasting time on it would be something else and at least with these I am doing some good by supporting my local community! I am a procrastinator by nature unless its something exciting then I am your number one women to put as much enthusiasm in as you need!

Back to my target area number 1: Productivity 
Sub Target Food: Eating healthy, reducing wasted food and reducing the shopping bill!
So a little back ground on this, I live where there isn’t a local shop and I only have limited access to a car as we decided to ditch the second car a few years ago. I use a local supermarket to deliver my shopping on a delivery saver (using points doubled up to pay for the delivery saver fee so it costs £30 in points a year) and can have a delivery every day if I wanted to.
First thing I did was write down all the food/meals my family would eat, it was actually a much longer list than I thought and from there I made a food plan for a 3 week rotation then before I place my shopping order (I do this 3 times a week) I check I am only buying what I need till the next shop unless it is an offer that will end before I need an item. I buy using the shops app from the list of items previously bought or search for items direct, I do not stray to the offers section because it’s not an offer if you don’t actually need to buy it! and I always check an offer is actually cheaper than the alternative size/ brands options.

I do like to visit the store maybe once every other month and last time I used this to buy alternatives to my normal brand loving purchases, I sneaked them in and didn’t tell my husband or children.. if they didn’t notice the swap stayed! (some items they did notice and preferred!) and I do stray away from the plan but there is a lot less stress around dinner times so considering the short amount of time its a massive success! It may be a coincident but the Children seem to be eating better too!

In addition to the above I have also been learning how to cook new meals! I have very little knowledge in the cooking department but this week alone have made soups, cakes (apple cake and banana and oatmeal muffins) and even managed a traditional roux with out it being lumpy or tasting of flour like previous attempts for my broccoli and pasta bake. If productivity was based on cooking it would be pretty high on the scale at the moment!



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