School Holidays… Change of plan

Holidays can easily become chaos, No routine, No purpose to the day.. STOP!! So it is Monday morning, yes we turned the alarm off today but when we woke we started the day as normal. Children’s clothes weren’t laid out, they get to choose today, and whilst they do this I am down stairs emptying the dishwasher (which Hubby put on during eco7 when he went to work), setting the table for breakfast and something a bit different… putting 2 pieces of paper on the table next to the breakfast bowls titled ‘Wish list for Easter Holidays’ and here are the lists (they wanted quite similar things so I have put it into one…funnily enough homework wasn’t mentioned!):

  • playdough dresses (thank youtube for this) / Monsters/ cooking
  • FB_IMG_1434184318937
  • swimming
  • playing princesses/ Men
  • playing in the garden
  • going for a walk
  • going to the farm
  • going to the park (3 different ones were mentioned)
  • playing football
  • bake cakes
  • bike riding / scooters
  • make a den
  • cinemas
  • McDonalds
  • visiting grandparents
  • sleeping in the tent/ downstairs/ bedroom floor
  • Market
  • Home cinema
  • nails and tattoos
  • PJ day

From this together we create a planner putting in the things that can only happen at certain times and explaining them with the children: organised trip to grandparents, showing of film at the cinemas, local market, homework time etc and the movable items are written at the bottom to refer to and fill in when decided, we add some extra ones that I would like to do like reading books. Also we talk about mummy needing time to do the house chores and that the more they help the more time mummy will be able to do the activities they want, this time we are introducing time and money credits, helping me and doing their routines earn them. ‘extra time credits’ are for more time with me and ‘money credits’ are built up for activities that cost money (Mcdonalds, Cinema) This week on Facebook I will post some of the items we do in more detail so please pop over to either our twitter or Facebook page so you can see this too! Today I came across this list and have sat down with my children to see if there are anything they would like to do: (from :

  • Make a book of jokes
  • Build a fort with blankets and pillows
  • Write your Grandma a letter
  • Cut out paper dolls and costumes for them
  • Get a magnet and make a list of everything in your house that is magnetized
  • Get a ruler and measure things in your house, recording their length
  • Run around the yard three times
  • Put on some music and dance
  • Make a laser obstacle course in your hall with yarn or tape
  • Wash the mirror with a sponge
  • Write down ten things you love about each person in your family
  • Brush the dog
  • Draw a tree
  • Make a dollhouse out of cardboard
  • Learn a tongue twister
  • Make homemade ice cream in a baggie
  • Dig a hole in the back yard
  • Give the dog a bath
  • Find shapes in the clouds
  • Make paper airplanes and fly them
  • See how many times you can dribble the basketball
  • Cut a guitar out of cardboard and add rubber band strings
  • Paint a picture
  • Play capture the flag
  • Wash the car
  • Make a birthday card
  • Plan a treasure hunt, with clues
  • Ride your bike
  • Make a scene in a cardboard box
  • Use boxes to build a castle
  • Use an eye dropper to drop vinegar tinted with food coloring onto a pie pan filled with baking soda
  • Start a journal
  • Make homemade wrapping paper
  • Mix ivory soap, kleenex and water to make clean clouds on a cookie sheet
  • Organize your room
  • Write a story
  • Create a play with costumes
  • Make paper bag puppets or sock puppets
  • Cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage
  • Use plain white paper and envelopes and decorate your own personalized stationery
  • Cut up old holiday cards and make holiday stickers for next year by coating the back with gelatin glue, let dry (dissolve 2 tsp gelatin in 5 tsp boiling water.)
  • Surprise your mom by making lunch
  • Make a zoo for your stuffed animals
  • Have a lemonade sale
  • Make & decorate a calendar of the summer, with important dates marked.
  • Put juice & cut-up fruit into ice cube trays to make ice cubes.
  • Create a family newspaper/newsletter
  • Make dessert
  • Use masking tape to make a race track for your cars all over your living room
  • Play Tag or Freeze Tag
  • Start a collection (leaves, rocks, buttons)
  • Hang a clothesline in your room and clip photos to it to make an album
  • Create a circus performance
  • Learn a new card game
  • Make a potion lab outside with food coloring and jars (wear an apron!)
  • Set up a shop and be the shop keeper
  • Make your room into a rainforest
  • Make a sculpture from pretzels and peanut butter
  • Write the story of your life
  • Do a something kind for someone, in secret
  • Make an obstacle course
  • Play Simon Says
  • Bowl in your hallway with soda bottles or toilet paper tubes
  • Make a placemat (just laminate it at the local copy shop)
  • Write some limericks or haiku
  • Decorate an old teeshirt with cool buttons & fabric pens
  • Start a club
  • Make rock candy
  • Plant a terrarium
  • Make a daisy chain
  • Decorate a rock and make a house to keep it as a pet
  • Use old cardboard tubes and boxes to build a marble maze.
  • Make “funky junk” art out of old jewelry
  • Read a book
  • Make snow globes or calming jars with glycerin and glitter
  • Have a water balloon fight (outside!)
  • Memorize a poem and recite it for your parents
  • Make a boat using a plastic soda bottle base & popsicle sticks (use duct tape) for the top, then float it at the pond.
  • Draw a picture of a desert island with all the things you would want on it
  • Blindfold your sibling & take them on a tour of your house & yard, then trade places.
  • Play a board game
  • Play Mother May I
  • Make a fairy house for your garden
  • Cut out a crown, tape into a circle to fit your head and decorate
  • Create your own board game
  • See if you can draw a picture with your foot.
  • Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  • Play hopscotch
  • Set up a restaurant and serve pretend meals
  • Play jumprope
  • Play with bubbles in the sink
  • Plant some seeds
  • Make a windsock
  • Use the hose and a tarp to make a slip and slide on your lawn
  • Paint your toenails
  • Play dodgeball with a soft ball
  • Make a curving line of dominoes and knock the first one so they fall down in a row
  • Weed the garden
  • Make puppets with old socks, buttons & markers.
  • Make a list of fun things you can do without a grownup
  • Mix liquid hand soap, cornstarch and food coloring into paint and paint the bathtub.
  • String beads to make friendship bracelets.
  • Use the hose, pvc pipe and soda bottles to construct waterways in your yard
  • Use pipe cleaners to make animals
  • Use pipe cleaners to make an indoor ring toss game
  • Use a basket and string to rig an elevator to hoist stuffed animals up your stairwell
  • String a necklace out of pasta
  • Practice kicking a soccer ball
  • Glue popsicle sticks together to make picture frames, decorate.
  • Make and fill a bird feeder
  • Make playdoh
  • Paint sea shells or rocks
  • Make bean bags
  • Blow bubbles
  • Give your dolls or stuffed animals a bubble bath

And with a massive pat on my own back for most of them they said ‘oo we have done that one before’ !!


2 thoughts on “School Holidays… Change of plan

  1. It’s so fabulous to find other mothers who encourage creative play and don’t rely on screens to keep their kids entertained.

    My boys are 15 and 12 now and I’m so happy iPads and smartphones were not even an option until they were old enough to have already experienced years of making their own fun. (With my support in the early years of course!)

    I’m not a crafty mama and don’t bake, so I used to beat myself up a bit for not being good enough (and forced myself to do those things even though I couldn’t stand it, until I dropped it altogether and focused on what I do enjoy – which happens to be board and card games!)
    Great post! Enjoy the school break!


    1. Thanks for the comment, I can totally relate about not doing what you are good at. My sticking point is toys ( I am a crafty sporty person) my Hubby is fab at the figurine play and I used to feel awful that I literally hated playing with those toys, I did it for the Children but try and encourage other play when I am with them now as they can now they are a bit older independently play with figure toys together.


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