Dog Vs Platemeter

I have been off work since having my first who is now 7, this year my youngest started school and I had a term of getting used to being completely without them. Well it didn’t go too well because I am not always the best at organizing my own time (and we had the builders in, it was coming up to xmas… excuses, excuses) I didn’t want to go back to work because I like to be able to do the school runs and not worry about childcare when they are poorly plus not many jobs fit in around a farmer and his children! Christmas came and my husband took on more responsibility at the farm, now I have always helped with research and typing bits up and writing emails but now I have so much time with out the children my Hubby decided it was time to put me to better use! So I have been doing a lot more admin and helping around the farm, I refuse to actually work with him, I have to put up with him being grumpy and tired at home I don’t want it in the day too so I was given a gift, a platemeter. For any non-farming readers, a platemeter is a tool we use to measure the grass and work out how much feed is in a field, then we can work out how long they should be in a field for and how much extra feed needs to be given.

He told me he knows I like to be out doors and could do with the exercise, I replied with ‘what was wrong with a dog!’ but actually when I sat down and thought about it I think a platemeter might be the better option and here is why:

  • It gives me a push to go for 2x 2 hour walk a week, but is flexible on which hour and day so I can dodge the rain!
  • It cost the same as a Puppy at over £300 so that was a draw
  • I get paid to do it
  • It only requires a bit of oil and a new battery a few times a year and doesn’t require feeding twice a day, trips to the vets, new collars and leads etc. wins on its on going costs!
  • It doesn’t make a mess and doesn’t have any poo to pick up (I seriously can’t do this with out retching)
  • It makes me feel like I have an important role to do on the farm and I am supporting my Husband in his work. It has created a common interest for us to talk about and both understand, after so long away from going to work with him it makes a difference being involved in the farm and understanding what is happening.

His dream is for us to one day to have our own farm, and he usually gets what he wants because he works so hard for it. Because of this I know it is crucial for me to understand what goes on at the farm and to support the dream. I am also back at school learning bookkeeping and want to go on to do my accounting qualifications too.
I also appreciate most of you who are farmers wives will probably be more involved on the farm than I am, I would love to hear your tips and advise on how to make the relationship work whilst working together, or just general tips about farming especially dairy-farming!
Many thanks for reading, especially to my non farming followers


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