Heartbroken – a letter to Emma

Just how I feel, sometimes the feeling is too much to face they grow up so quickly

The Acting Mamma

Dear daughter,

You have broken my heart. I know you didn’t mean to and it’s ok.

The day you came into our world you broke my heart. You made me feel so inadequate and helpless when I knew you needed me to be strong and able.

Every time you cry you break my heart a little more. Whether it’s because you’re hungry, tired or you fell while trying to climb the sofa – you break my heart nonetheless.

When you can’t sleep because you’re ill or teething, I bravely try all the things I can think of to make you better while my heart breaks a little more.

When you bum shuffle across a room full of strangers without even a glance to see that I’m right behind you, I pretend to be proud of your independence even though my heart breaks because you don’t need me.

When I think of you…

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