Thoughts of a parent as… You tidy playdough

You’ve not tidied your playdough up, in fact the mess you’ve made is so excessive for the time you’ve had. I have asked you to tidy up but you’ve run off into the back garden. I have asked you again and gotten you to repeat it back to me. You still haven’t come in so now I am annoyed!

Up until this point I wouldn’t have told you off, I can see for 30 mins I was distracted with my own thing and it’s partly my fault for not keeping you focused but I can’t tell you this because now you are in big trouble, I have warned you that you will lose a star from your reward chart and you still ignore me. Now I am feeling rubbish, why won’t you listen, the star gets taken off and I warn you that you will lose another if I have to ask again. You shoot back into the house and start the chore of tidying the playdough. I have something for us to do together but I can’t until the table is cleared. I am preparing the next activity and you are taking for ever!  I could do it in seconds but it’s not my place, ok I will help, no don’t stop because I’ve started 😞

You conveniently need the loo, ok off you go. The true extent to your mess is reveling itself. .. Why so many tiny bits all over the floor, thank goodness I have hard floors! Child, can you get the brush.. Child? Oh where are you now! I can work out you are in your room. I go to your room and you are sat playing! Argh! Down stairs! Your response, I need a wee. Hurry, now..

Finally it is tidy and it is time to do the next activity but do I want to make more mess? I am feeling a bit stressed and a bit grumpy, I am not really in the mood now. But I do, there is tension between us, you don’t want to be doing it either, grr we shouldnt have started another activity. We should have gone out for a walk and cleared the air. Ok let’s just do that now.

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