To all MIL’s to be/ Grandparents to be

I understand, what they are doing seems totally ridiculous, you’ve done it all and well unfortunately you can’t put wise heads on young shoulders.

Don’t get me wrong they want support but probably only when asked for, still offer but learn to step back if they don’t bite your hand off to accept your help!

They live in a different world to you and what worked for you probably isn’t going to work for them and hey they have a lot on so if they aren’t bothered about something don’t stress yourself or them about it! (ok there are exceptions to all of this, I am talking generally not when the law or debt or violence or substance abuse etc is involved…. Just to make that clear)


Never say the following things in a sentence or do any of the following: (change female to male and male to female if you are thinking about a son in law)

  • Well I would have never
  • You can’t do it like that / you should do it like this
  • Clean as you go
  • When he lived with me
  • My children never/always
  • What are you making for tea (as a dig that it’s time for my kids/hubby to eat)
  • I saw the children’s socks were looking shabby so I went and bought them new ones
  • (after hearing some gobbledygook off my child) I am concerned about..
  • Write a letter to my child’s teacher
  • Put anything other than the books name and your name in the diaries
  • Rearrange any of my cupboards.. Including the childrens sock draw
  • Turn up uninvited
  • Invite other people to events I have invited you to
  • Go in my bedroom uninvited , even if it’s too put the kids dirty washing in the wash basket
  • Not get the response you wanted from me so ask hubby instead
  • Ask my children to be in a picture with the whole family but not me
  • Ask the children/ agree to a party/sleepover/for dinner before asking me

This isn’t an exhausted list but if you avoid these and any that my followers leave in the comments you are off to a good start I would say. Unless you don’t like your in-law and want to wind her up.. In that case here is a list of ways to wind them up! I will leave you with firstly this quote:

It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings’.  –Ann Landers

So it’s now time to see what you’ve done!

And if you are at your whits end with your mother in law … Although this isn’t relevant as it’s on about relying on your parents too much to get you through life, I take strength from hearing it, because this is our time, our world and in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger – ‘ignore the naysayers’

If you’re waiting on your mother, or your father, they may be so ancient in their thinking, that they don’t understand this opportunity that you have. And if you’re waiting on them it may never get done.’ – by either Eric Thomas, Les Brown or Ray Lewis (I couldn’t find clarification on who said what part) 

And finally to all of you that get on with your in laws, well done! It’s a wonderful gift!

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8 thoughts on “To all MIL’s to be/ Grandparents to be

  1. Ah yes, we get so much judgment disguised as ‘I’ve just bought them this’ from MIL! Even my own Dad who I get on with really well is guilty of the ‘when you were little you never did x, y or z…..’ That is in no way helpful to me!

    My only thing to add to this list – don’t suggest they change the baby’s name to something slightly different – they’ve given it a lot of thought -honestly! #effitFriday

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  2. I could add so many more to this, for example:
    ‘You’ll put on weight if you finish the baby’s food’…its frisking mashed up vegetables!!
    ‘The baby isn’t sleeping through because you aren’t stimulating it enough in the day’…oh reeeeaaaaalllly, come and spend a day in my shoes – think again lady
    ‘Family alert, we’re coming tomorrow’….sent at 10pm the night before, fab, the house is a tip, there isn’t any food and this was the ONLY day me, hubby and baby had free to be just us!
    ahhhhhh sorry I’ve taken over your rant #effitfriday I just couldn’t resist! great post xx

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    1. Don’t worry I could have gone on a lot longer! I am notorious for eating the homemade baby food, even the jars, better than a Mars bar. She now clears the kids plates so I cant eat the left overs… Ooo and the way she stacks my dishwasher! And yes weaning/routine lectures are the worst, I had blocked them out of my memory 😣

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  3. I got a lot of “In my day….!!” when I was married and my ex never said a thing….because mummy dearest was never wrong apparently?! I think that’s a rant in itself!! haha #effitfriday

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