Review: Booking Legoland

I finally got husband to agree to a day off from the farm and he wanted to take the children to Legoland Windsor so I started planning our day. From ours it is 2 hours with out traffic, and it’s fair to presume going on the M1 and M25 we are going to hit traffic so we are looking at 5 hours travelling plus getting out the park traffic. My husband is very tired at the moment and we agree an overnight stay would be needed, plan A was to book a nearby hotel 🏩 for the night before and travel home after spending the day there. Then I checked how much the day was going to cost before choosing a hotel, we have tesco points we can use or the cereal boxes, but the first thing I saw on the website was kids go free and second day free in July! (if you use one of their recommended hotels) I was happy to find deals started at around £140 for a family of four in a motel style hotel including breakfast and the 2 days at legoland 😀. The hotels prices varied with legoland itself being the most expensive at over £600 for the dates we could go, now don’t get me wrong the legoland hotel looks amazing, is onsite, fabulously decorated rooms, lego gifts included and the children had their own attached bedroom but for us this was too much to spend and we chose a selection of country hotels nearby, each offered gifts and incentives to choose them. We finally decided on the Savill Court Hotel and Spa 7 miles away on the edge of the Windsor Park, it has a pool and gym available to use, offered a free gift for the children and milk and cookies delivered at bed time which my husband was sold on! This was at a cost of £236 plus £5/day parking (this was disappointing that they charge for parking but I beleive there was a park and ride service as we saw busses there) you could upgrade the parking to priority (£8) but I wouldn’t say the carparks were ridiculously far away anyway.

Final thing on purchasing the over night stay, we were offered at check out to prepay for the parking, offer prices for days to other merlin attractions and also to add a second night at the hotel for £130, we only choose the parking and paid. Whilst at the hotel we looked at booking that extra night and last minute Friday night was over £400, looking at booking in advance it is less but trust me that £130 would have been a bargain and in hindsight I would have booked it, the hotel and area was lovely! All I kept thinking was it was cheaper to pay via legoland and not go to Legoland than to book a night at the hotel independently some say that’s crazy! In 4 days time we would be going away… Actually booked and paid for so hubby was not going to be called into work! The best part was the children didn’t know! My son was desperate to go after seeing pictures of his dad there when he was little, both children are big into lego, my daughter has started collecting the friends sets and fingers crossed they were going to love it!

Next thing I planned in advance was food, for some reason I struggled to find outside of the park food online but there is a Harvester and Toby Carvery in old town Windsor not too far from the park. After paying for the hotel I wanted to keep food costs down, I planned to make a pack out for day ones lunch and take a cool box with lots of freeze blocks with day twos food. The hotels food looked nice on the menu but I have fussy kids and wanted to keep cost low so we opted to eat at legoland, the website had a deal to Prebook for City Walk Family Meal Offer which is pasta and pizza all you can eat (including fizzy drinks) £25.90 (compared to buying on the day meant the kids eat for free). I actually paid for it on the day we went but it took forever for the receipt to come through for printing, it warned it could take an hour, I would recommend doing this not when your packed and waiting to go! 

Well that’s a review of booking the trip to Legoland for what worked best for us! It’s quite long reading it back, I will do the day on a separate post, would love to hear your deals etc! Especially where to eat nearby!


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